Goitre kennels Ltd


Just thought I’d be in touch Wilma is amazing and is loved so much. She’s just incredible. I’ve attached a few pictures as she’s getting big now. Once again thank you so much she’s gorgeous. 
Danielle Wright 
Hi Peter 
It's Gail and Billy from Liverpool, just some recent updates on Bertie...he is well known in all his parks and loved by everyone he has such an amazing tempremant he greets anyone he sees while out on his walks, he most enjoyed Halloween greeting all trick or treaters and got plenty of strokes and attention! He really is such a lovely family dog we can't fault him in any way we wouldnt be without him now!
He's around 9 months now and growing very big and is becoming a bit of sensation for it ha ha. Our lovely female border collie is still seizure free since we got him after suffering badly for a year before life with her new friend and they are now inseprable! He has even met our daughters pony and gave her a lick on her nose they had a lovely greeting there is just no one he doesn't get on with! 
I will send some pictures of him growing and with his friends thank you again for bringing such a wonderful family friend into our lives.
          Speak soon Gail and Billy. 30/12/17
Hi Both
I came across your kennels again as I was searching for a Cavapoo or similar breed for a friend! We had Pixie, a female Maltese x Shitzhu from you over 7 years ago!! She is such a fantastic dog, so calm and friendly! She loves walks and runs like a whippet! She's still very playful and puppyish, even though she's almost 8!! 
If you are having a similar litter to Pixie's again please could you let me know as our friends also think she is a smashing dog! 
Kind Regards 
Marie Ellis-Jones
Hi Peter
I thought you might like to see how our Max is doing. It has been hard because you forget what it is to bring a pup up. But it has been worth it. He is coming along brilliantly,
Hope all is going well for you both.
A very Happy customer.
Helen and Pat Rice
 Dear Goitre,

We thought you may like this picture of our beautiful little girl Tilley who recently won Prettiest Bitch at a local Dog show. Thank you again for providing us with Tilley she is our world.

Kind regards 

Dave and Lisa Freeman 
Hi we got Bailey from you in march 2016,he is a darling soooo loving here is another pic for your scrapbook😀and thank you very much for our boy😉  11/7/2017
   Hi Peter as pebbles is 1 yr now thought u may like to see these he is a brilliant little dog with a mind all of his own. wendy
 It's Jet's 1st Birthday.
What better time to update you on what a fantastic dog she is?
Happy, healthy and very well behaved. 
So easy to train, and wonderful with other dogs, even the more "difficult ones".
We have encountered a few "problem" dogs who's owners have expressed concern for Jet when she has approached them to say hello. I have encouraged them to let their dog interact with Jet, and they have become firm friends in seconds! 
With this in mind, I would like to train Jet as a "Therapy Dog" if I'm able to retire next year.
You have done an excellent job in breeding this family pet.
Between her and her little sister, they have changed me, for the better, and enriched our lives immeasurably.
Thank you very much
Regards Huw

I'm quite sure you won't remember us but we purchased a female shorkie pup from you
In may 2015. We came from Nottingham to get her.  We named her Molly and she is  our absolute world. I have attached some pics so you can see how beautifully she has grown.

We have been looking into maybe having another dog to keep Molly entertained. But we don't really want to purchase another from anyone else but yourself. And we were wondering if you knew of another litter being made anytime in the near future? I understand this is a strange ask but we would love another shorkie from the same family.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon and just want to say again thank you for giving us the most wonderful, beautiful little dog in the world.

Sam Reid
  Hi Peter,  Just thought I'd give you an update on Tilly.  She's doing fine settled in really well with our other dog Archie and absolutely adores our cat Gizmo.

Thank you so much for a beautiful dog.

Lisa Freeman
Hello Both

I just wanted to update you on Toby the Cavachon. We had him from you in September 2014, he was born in the May and is nearly 3 years old.
Toby is an amazing boy, his temperament and personality is fantastic. He's a credit to Goitre and we are so grateful to have found him with yourselves.
Thank you
Hi Peter. 
I just wanted to update you on Willows progress. She has settled in really well. Has been to the groomers for shampoo and face trim and was very well behaved. Has had second jab so can go for walks in a couple of days. She's a quick learner and can sit, give a paw, fetch and stay for a little bit. She's very calm and fantastic with the grand children. Not bad for 10 weeks old.
Thank you so much for my beautiful pup.
                             Rosie and Willow   17/2/16

Hi Peter, 

Just an update on how Toby the Cocker Spaniel is doing. We bought him from you in June last year and he is almost a year old now. He is the best thing that has ever happened to our family and he is such a friendly and lovely dog. He has a lovely temperament and everyone he meets loves him. He loves a long walk,  loves catching the birds and other dogs also love playing with him. He makes everyone laugh. Once again thank you for giving us such a lovely dog. Laura Boyling 14/2/17



Hi both
I thought you'd like to know how Tali is getting on. First I'd like to say she's the best thing that has happened to our family. She makes us laugh every day with her wonderful personality. Her favourite things to do are going for long walks, running and jumping in long grass and walking through muddy puddles. And oh yes she loves to sleep after her long walks! Here are some photos of her.

Sarah and Andy James

Just an update on Toby at 6 months old, another beautiful dog we had off you, lovely temperament and great friend for Tedi, thanks again for a lovely friendly dog.
Cliff a Karen Rice

 I bought the old english bitch from you around 6 weeks ago. Just thought I'd give you an update on how shes doing.

we named her Belle and she is doing brilliantly. shes growing so fast that i cant even pick her up for cuddle without struggling. she is so soft and gentle natured, house trained within a couple of weeks. she knows her name and she sits when i tell her to and goes for the toilet when we tell her to at bedtime.
we moved her on to james wellbeloved food. she had a bit of a funny tummy for around 10 days after bringing her home so we swapped her over on the advice of her vet.
she likes a good belly rub and her ears being scratched. shes fantastic she really is so thankyou very much.
ive attached a couple of pictures for you. hopefully youll be able to see them.


We bought an orange roan Cocker spaniel from you a year ago on the 19th/20th September and I'd just like to send you a picture of what he's like today. Dexter is now around 17 months old and is a star. He even has his own instagram! www.instagram.com/dailyfromdexter where you can see more pictures of him. He charms absolutely everyone he meets and is a true character.

Hope you like the pictures! and thank you again.

We were just looking at your website, and noticed you have a Scrapbook section.

We just wanted to send you a photo of Stitch, who we had off you 10/1/16.
He is now 11 months old, and is wonderful, Such a lovely boy!
We're considering a little playmate for our Stitch, so if at any point in the near future you have another litter of Cavachon puppies, please bear us in mind, We'd love a little "LILO" to go with our Stitch.
Regards Sarah & Mark 03/10/2016


Tim has been with us now for a month and has settled so well into his new home. He's a smashing little chap, full of mischief, but so loving and is getting along very well with our Rough Collie Sandy. He's absolutely adorable and has made us very happy as we missed having a Westie so much after losing one last year. 

Jean & Mike White (24/05/2016)

Just wanted to pop you a quick pic of Sprocket, the wonderful Cocker

Spaniel we got from you earlier this year.
He took part in the RSPCA Big Walkies on the weekend and had lots of fun

with the other dogs. He has also been on his first camping trip

to Saundersfoot and loved it.
He is such a lovely little character, we get compliments everywhere we

take him on his beautiful coat and friendly nature. He is a joy to have about.
Thanks so much for him.

Just to let u know he is absolutely amazing he looks like a teddy bear&is so cuddly,we love him sooooo very much!
We have named him Bailey




Bella is 6 month old next week 

She is doing extremely well 

We love her to bits 

We are taking her on holiday in a caravan end of June 

She is so good 

We get stopped all the time cos she is so lovely and such a beautiful coat 

A lovely puppy 



Smokey and Hercules on the left bought from you October 2014.Living happily in Nigeria.
I just wanted to say a massive thank-you from mum and I.

From start to finish you couldn't have been more helpful.

Rosie is a wonderfully happy, healthy, playful puppy.

She was the perfect addition to our family and everybody loves her.




Just to let you know we only had her two weeks but she has fitted in so well - her coat is glossy and beautiful she is such a love thanks so much 



                                   Miniature Schnauzer

Just wanted to give you an update on Sidney our
miniature schnauzer that we bought from you a month ago.
He is doing fantastic. He has fitted in well with our
family and our other schnauzer Buddy.
Sidney is a beautiful, playful, clever, healthy and
loving bundle of fluff and is an absolute joy
to have around. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Tasha & Steve Wood.(04/02/2016)

                 Miniature Schnauzer x West Highland Terrier


Just wanted to let you know and see how our little
Archie is getting on.

He travelled amazing in the car back to Cardiff, and
settled in to our home
right away.
We've had him less than a week and he is fully house
trained, and he's only had one mistake in the house and
that's because we forgot to replace his puppy pad!!!
He has currently learnt to "sit" and to "ask nicely".
He is also going through his teething stage but that
will pass..... He does love a
long walk, but still a bit scared of bigger dogs.
He is so perfect and we are so happy we ended up getting
him. We took him tothe vets to be checked over, to get
his next load of flea tablets and the vet was so
surprised at the welcome pack you gave us- her words
were "wow this is amazing, he really knows his stuff and
it helps us so much knowing what treatment he (Archie)
has had already!

Alex, Jamie and Archie (26/01/2016)

                                       Cocker Spaniel

Just a little update to let you know how Magson is 
getting on!

He is just fantastic! Hyperactive and bouncy just like a
little pup should be. He is having dog training classes
at the moment and doing really well!
So lucky to have such a beautiful coloured spaniel, he
gets compliments everywhere I go.
He is now four months old.

Shanice Attryde (01/12/2015)

                      Yorkshire Terrier x Bichon Frise 

Thanks for the lovely Yochon Puppy(Tedi),
Great fun and full of life only problem he likes my chair
to much, gets attention everywhere we go, loves being in
the car. great with kids and other dogs.
Thank You very much he has really helped us with the
loss of our other dog. If the couple we met in Criccieth
who recommended you read this Thank you too.
will definitely recommend you.

Cliff a Karen Rice.(28/11/2015)


               Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the beautiful puppy I had from you at the end of August.
She has settled into life with us really well.
Teddie comes to work with me daily, and is brilliant with all of the residents I support.
She thoroughly enjoys chewing everything in site and mischievous is an understatement.
But I wouldn't have her any other way.

Thanks you so much for such a beautiful charismatic dog.

Kind regards

Teresa (06/11/2015)

Hello Peter and Tina

Just a quick message to say how absolutely delighted we are with the puppy we bought from you just over two weeks ago. The only problem we have with her is that when we take her out for a walk she is so irresistible that everyone wants to stroke her so it takes us ages to get anywhere!

 She is so well behaved and such a loving affectionate dog and is also well on the way to knowing where to do her business. We are so pleased that we found her and thank you for raising her for us. We would say to anyone who is thinking of buying a dog to check out your site as they appear so well looked after and cared for.

Thanks again

Best Wishes

John & Kim Cox (20/09/2015)

                                 Cocker Spaniel


Just wanted to check in and give you a quick update on the Cocker puppy we bought from you last Sunday. He's doing absolutely brilliant. Dexter has been to the Vet, who was super impressed with him and in her words he is "perfect"! He has settled in perfectly and is 95% housetrained too. We just wanted to thank you for letting us purchase him from you and for taking such good care raising him. Here's a picture in case you wanted to see! He's such a sweetie.

Thanks again!
Amy (23/09/2015)
A photo of Bart. What a wonderful puppy I was fortunate
enough to get from Goitre kennels. Great service.

Keith Brewer (14/08/2015}

Hi just wanted to say Bailey has had her first birthday and had settled in brilliantly. She has such a fantastic temperament and all the kids in the street love her. Thanks for all your help.  Bailey is very much loved and has completed my home xx

Helen Williams (12/08/2015)


              Cavalier King Charles x Miniature Schnauzer

 Hi Goitre Kennels,

We just wanted to get in touch to let you know how Stanley, our King Schnauzer, is getting along. We collected him from you in February 2013; he is 2 & 1/2 now and such a lovely boy, we are so proud of him! He has a lovely temperament and character and we love him so much!

We've attached some pics for you. So sorry that we haven't sent them to you sooner! 

Best Wishes,

(Sam, Peter & Stanley) 14/06/2015


                      Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise


Just thought I would send you some pictures of Amber,  we absolutely love her she is still not so good with her toilet training, but we have been dog sitting our friends dog this week so have let her off but next week its definitely  got to stop  she prefers carpet to outside especially if it is raining.  She also has learnt to bark from our friends dog.  What age should we go to training classes.  I have also kept her on the Eukaneeba food and want to carry on but it is hard not to give her treats.She is sending the dog we dogsit for crazy as she wants to play all the time and the other one who is 4 really wants a quiet life. Amber is very lively and keeps me on my toes,  everyone who meets her falls in love and I have lots of offers of people who want to puppysit for me.  I could not have made a better choice (other than her toilet issue)  you have done a great job.  I have given your details to a couple of people and will recommend you to anyone we know that wants a puppy. Many people told me I was mad just going by a picture and then meeting you in Bristol  but you are obviously genuine. 

Thank you  so much I will send more pictures soon.

Gillian (09/05/2015)


                     Yorkshire Terrier

This is penny on her 2nd birthday.Stunning.Stops the show
wherever she goes! And so very clever.

Angela Rice (07/05/2015)


                       Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise

Our beautiful little Cavachon Lottie, has just had her first birthday

(29/04/2014), she remains a beautiful, happy and healthy puppy. 

 She has such a delightful temperament, and a pleasure to have.

Thanks again for breeding such a lovely dog.


Lindsay Callen (02/05/2015)


                       Cocker Spaniel

Dear Goitre Kennels,

Here is a picture of our Marnie who is 2 today (16th April),

she is my beautiful baby girl and love her more each day.

Mrs Plaisted (16/04/2015)

                          Old English Sheepdog

Hi here's a picture of Riley

The OES that we bought from you 1st of Feb

Just to let you know that he has settled in reallywell and is now going

topped classes and he loves it



                            Yorkshire Terrier


We came in January to get a Yorkshire pup from you, Frodo.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the process and the

starting help with the food and insurance. Frodo quickly settled in and he is

a very happy and playful dog, he still likes to poke his tongue out and all around a very cute dog!! 

- (23/03/2015)


                               Miniature Schnauzer

Hi Goitre
This is poppy we picked her up in new years eve, 2014  shes a graet dog been checked by vets and asureed shes a very happy heathly
pup here thanks so much.

:) great breeder A++ (17/03/2015)

                           Lhasa Apso x Bichon Frise

I have arrived for Maja on 20th December 2014, having waited long three years after loosing my beloved la-chon named Lolek.  Lolek was such a great dog and such wonderful friend that I really found it hard to  make a decision to have a dog again.  But I did not stop missing him and last year it became clear that I need to fill the big hollow after his loss. I knew it was her the second I looked at her photo. She looked as if she posed for the photo to look really serious and well-behaved. I started making preparations immediately . and few days later I was on my long journey from Poland to bring her home with me. I travelled continuosly 40 hours of which 26 were with Maja by road in a van. The minute I took her from you Peter into my arms the mutual love was born and it is greater each day.

She is wonderful. Accompnies me almost everywhere - meetings with lawyers, clients, going to restaurants. And whilst she could easily teach the devil some tricks, she only exposes that talent when we are at home, turning into an angel when the situation so requires. I have to say I skipped some of your advice leaflets on puppy's sleeping training but I will say no more on that. Really very happy together! She is worth every single kilometer of that journey that I made to bring her home and we will always be very greatful to you that you made it possible for us. Lots of hugs from Poland.

Maja and Margaret.  (17/03/2015)


                                Cocker Spaniel

Just an update on HIPPO, the tri-colour bitch cocker spaniel we purchased from you in April (born February 28th).

She settled in really well from the word go. Our other dog Ropa, pictured, excepted hippo after 6 days by having their first play and they have become best friends, often playing tug with each other and rolling around on the floor.

Hippo's obedience training is going really well, already intermediate level, she competes against dogs which are years in age.

She's livened up the house hold.

She is a happy hippo.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Dean and Debbie. (24/12/2014)

                       Miniature Schnauzer x Bichon Frise

This is our gorgeous Chonzer Bonnie that we came to see and couldn't leave behind on 24th Sept 2013.
She is a wonderful pet who thinks she is a human. She is placid, playful and adored by all our family and friends.
Thank you very much.

Jim Fletcher (24/12/2014)


                         Lhasa Apso x Bichon Frise

Hi Goitre,
Just a quick update to let you know how Milo the lashon is getting on.We bought him off you in June this year and he has been absolutely brilliant.He was house trained within a week and settled in very quickly.We all love him very much especially my little girl who has a new best friend.Please see attached some recent photos of Milo not long after he had been to the groomers.
We can't thank you enough for him he has changed all our lives and is a fabulous addition to our family.

Thanks and regards,

The Foster family.(11/11/2014)


                            Cairn Terrier x Boston Terrier

Hi Goitre,
Just been looking on your scrapbook and seen Toby’s
brother Theo, thought you would like to add some photos
of Toby.He too is a great little chap, loves going on
holidays to the seaside in our caravan. Playing on the
beach digging holes is his favourite playtime,
unfortunately he thinks that he can also do it in my
garden!People also are always stopping us and asking what
he is and what a beautiful face he has, always tell them
where we got him at that for a little accident it is the
perfect mix.Just want to say thanks again for our perfect
little man.

~ Pam (19/07/2014)


                      Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise

Hi Goitre
Just a message to say Toby the Cavachon who we had off you on 7th Sept 14 is doing fab. He's fitted right in to our home and has become a proper little lap dog 

Thank you

~ Sally Howells (19/09/2014)


                                        Cocker Spaniel

Dear Goitre Kennels,
Just thought I would update you with some more pictures of Marnie, She is now 18 months old and I still absolutely love her to bits, she can be a right little madam at times but would not change her for the world.  We lost our 2 other dogs so we went and bought little Rumple (7 Months Old) to keep her company and they get on great. Hope you like the pictures.
Thank you
~ Mr & Mrs Plaisted (16/09/2014)
Hi Goitre
Here is a pic of Charlie,he has settled well and gets on very well with Maddie
~ Jenny (01/09/2014)

                           Yorkshire Terrier 

Thank you Goitre for my beautiful Yorkshire Terriers, they are the most adorable well behaved affectionate puppies ever! They are 6 months old now and love going jogging with me in their stroller, I don't know what I'd do without them! Thank you x x x
~ Sarah (25/08/2014)


                      Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise

Dear Goitre,
Just a quick update on Lottie, the Cavashon we had from you last month.  She is doing very well, and is a beautiful and delightful puppy.  Thank you for your support regarding feeding.  Everyone loves her, and I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again
~ Linday (22/08/2014)
Sorry we have taken a long time sending pictures.What an adorable dog we have had off you,from the first time we saw Tammy we could not express the love we have for her.Within 2 weeks she was house trained and has slept on our bed from the first night,and not cried at all.You can see from the pictures she likes letters lol, also her first hair cut yesterday.
Once again many thanks for making us one big happy family.
- (Stephen 13/08/2014)

                            Cairn Terrier x Boston Terrier

Hi there,
I purchased your last Cairoston (Cairn x Boston Terrier) boy pup from you back in April/May 2014 and just thought I'd update you and share some photos.
Just wanted to say that 'Theo' is a brilliant dog and is everything and more that I wanted.  He has settled in very quickly and is a fast learner.  He is loved by many and is a very outgoing chap.  Lots of fun and extremely intelligent.  He comes just about everywhere with us and wherever we go he always gets compliments on how cute and unique he looks.  People are always asking where I got him from!  Truly a lovely mix to have.   I would certainly recommend this mix and would consider another.   Definitely the best 'mistake.'  
Thanks again,
- Linzi (28/07/2014)
Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a good service and advice. Bailey is settling in really well and I don't know what I would do without her. She has such a lovely personality and everyone comments on how gorgeous she is. Thank you, 

- Helen & Bailey (21/07/2014)


                              Miniature Schnauzer

Hi Tina & Peter
We bought a Miniature Schnauzer from you in December 2011 he was your last little boy and I cried when I saw him. Well I've been meaning to send pictures to you and never seem to find the time but here I am! He's absolutely beautiful and wouldnt be without him.
One of the reasons we got him was our oldest daughter who was 6 at the time was petrified of dogs well he's definitely help her to overcome her fears. He's really gentle with her yet my youngest daughter whos a little rough and ready he seems to know he can have a bit more fun with her! He has completed our family to the max.
We are so pleased with him and my parents are thinking of getting a miniature schnauzer of their own they look after Chester quite a bit when we are at work so would make an ideal playmate for him. Please let us know if you have any litters due
Once again thank you
- Rachel, Andrew, Lowri, Alys & Chester (27/06/2014)

                               Yorkshire Terrier 

Thank you Goitre kennels for my beautiful Yorkshire terrier puppies Fizzgig and Gizzmo, they have settled in well and enjoy playing in their sandpit and pool. I couldn't be without them. They are the most special, adorable puppies Ever, I adore them. Thank you!

- Sarah (22/06/2014)

Hello Goitre

Here is a pic of Rascal,he has settled in really well.Thank you for such a lovely dog.

- (June 2014)

                            Yorkshire Terrier 

Hi Goitre,

Hope your keeping well, thought we'd send you a update on Daisy.

At 10 months old she's into everything keeps us on our toes, a right little character, Tilly our other yorkie, loves her too, she's got a lovely personality, friends with everyone.Loves playing ball and loves her walks.

Hope her mom is well, so glad we came so far to fetch her.

Many thanks all the best.

(Mandi & Mark Scott) 11/06/2014

He has settled in so well, what a character and so lovely

Hope all well with you

Best wishes

- Mandy Layton (June 2014)


                West Highland Terrier x Bichon Frise


I just wanted to update you with regards to the puppy I collected from yourselves.

Bailey, the male Bischon x Westie has made our home complete. He is a very playful and characteristic chappie, who provides company and a playmate for my 15 month old male westie; Fergie.

Who says two males don't get on hey?

- Kayleigh (06/06/2014)

                                    Yorkshire Terrier 

This is Susie who we got from you last November. She is the most adorable dog and intelligent too. She came out top of the class in puppy training! Thank you very much.
- Jenny and Ed Rimmer. Cardiff (06/05/2014)


Hello Goitre

I thought I would send you an updated photo of Harry, he’s nearly 1 year old.He is so cute, and he is a little darling, but very mischievous. His fur on the bottom of him is very thin, and his skin is greyish, the vet said it was pigmentation, and quite normal. I was a bit worried at first.Can you show this photo to your girlfriend (Tina) I think.

- Thank you Gill (06-05-2014)


                                 Yorkshire Terrier

Hello Goitre

At about 14 months, surely one of the prettiest little yorkies ever, and clever beyond belief.

We are sooo in love with this one.

- Thanks Angela Rice (28/04/14)


                         Cavalier King Charles x Bichon Frise


Just to let you know that Oscar, who we collected from you at the end of Dec 2013, is doing well, is a cheeky little chap,likes his walks, and his getting on well with our 8 year old bichon Toby.

Best regards -
Glynis and Alun Wells (22-04-2014)

                        Samoyed x Pomeranian

Hi Goitre
I bought a sameranian puppy from you guys a while back, she's just coming up
to her 2nd birthday and she is the most amazing and intelligent dog I have ever owned! She didn't grow as big as we expected but that's not a bad thing seeing as she is a huggable size and perfect for us!!
She had about ten thousand names on our five hour journey home, in which she insisted on sitting on my lap, after about a week she finally settled for
the name Poppy.
Just thought I'd let you know how she turned out as I believe she was a new cross breed for you at the time.
Thankyou for creating such an amazing dog and help create our little family!!
- Love Hayley and Gareth and Poppy

xx (20-03-2014)


                              Old English Sheepdog

Hi There,

We bought a beautiful OES Puppy from you almost 5 years ago (Brave Warrior), otherwise known as Digby.  We are now looking for another female OES and on searching I immediately went to your site.  I can see that you have not got any OES available, but I thought you may like to see a picture of our handsome, funny Digby, who is the most pleasant, happy and lovely dog you can imagine.  He enjoys his trips to the beach and loves a game of catch the bubbles, though he is scared of his own shadow and hedgehogs LOL.  I hope that you breed more OES Puppies in the future.  Thank you for providing us with our wonderful furry soul mate. 

Zoe Ashmore (15/03/2014)


Hi Goitre,here are photos of arnie as promised.

He has settled in better than we could ever have expected, bit nervous last night but perked up today with lots of interaction and playing been to the groomers which he loved and been on his first walk today with harness and
lead, so he is wiped out.

He is eating and drinking normally and no accidents so far been in garden
with lots of praise, he is a beautiful dog with so much love.

He is all booked in for a vet check up so will forward you the outcome for
your records.

Thank you for help, and giving us the dog we were longing for.

Shaun (11-03-2014)

                              Samoyed x Pomeranian

Hello Goitre.
Thought I would send you some photos of Honey & Cracker as it's their first birthday today!
They are such lovely dogs I love them to bits, spoilt isn't the word - and
they know it! Absolutely have my life sometimes..

Becky Warren (06-03-2014)


                           Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso

hi goitre,

just wanted to update you on prince's progress and send u some pics, i absolutely love him he has taken over my life id be lost with out him now, he settled in straight away, loves other dogs and is well behaved, getting there slowly with potty training  but im sure that will come in time i hope :)

take care Liz walker (21st february 2014)

p.s. just seen you have two other shih-apso's they look lush.

Dear Peter and Tina,

I hope this email finds you well?

Please find attached some recent photos of Poppy and Lily J as you can see both pups have settled in brilliantly and have formed a lifelong partnership;


Sarah (January 2014)


Hi Goitre Kennels,
Just some pics of Maisie for you.Maisie settled in well when we got home.I cannot believe where the time has gone as she will be 5yrs old in May.I just thought that I would send you some pics of her all grown up.

Thanks for such a wonderful little dog

Wanda & Viv (2014)

                                  Cavalier King Charles

Hi Goitre

just wanted to give you a quick update on the pup. Hes settled really well since collecting him from you, the kids adore him and have named him rolo. Such a happy little pup, excellent behaviour for a pup too.couldnt be more pleased with him.

Many thanks 

N. Faulds (January 2014)

                      Yorkshire Terrier x Bichon Frise

Hello Goitre Kennels,

Thought we would let you know the yochon puppy (Katie) is happy and well settled. She's a perfect match for us and she loves the attention she gets.

She's very much like Lulu! Loves a tummy rub!

Charles, Amy and Katie.(2013)

                 West Highland Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier

Hi Goitre Kennels,
Charlie - Westie X Yorkshire Terrier DOB 14 December 2012.
Attaching a couple of recent photos of me so you can see how good looking I am!  Getting blonder each time.  I attend Salem Puppy Training Classes and can now walk around the hall without a lead, still waiting to be let loose on the beach but I do have a 10 metre training lead.  I am very happy and smart but like me own way.
Have a Merry Christmas.
from Nola and Keith and Charlie
xxx Dec (2012)


                             Yorkshire Terrier

Hi Goitre Kennels

Heres a pic of Daisy,shes getting on really well and gets on great with Tilly.She loves to go for a walk very good on her lead for such a young dog,shes 16 weeks tomorrow and growing fast !!

Hope you're well, send you more as she grows

- Mandi Scott


Hi we bought our Samoyed from Goitre kennels, when we saw his photo we had to have him. we made contact with Tina at the kennels who very pleasantly told us the history of the Samoyed, so much so we couldn't wait till the following morning to get him. So at 7pm we set off from Manchester, regularly phoning ensuring that we were not wasting time by travelling down. When we finally arrived, after 11pm Tina was there to meet us. We were amazed by her friendliness especially after keeping her up waiting for us. When we got there we found there were two dogs left, we took our pick and we still have him today, he is still as cute as when he was brought home and his personality has blossomed. When we got home My Wife's sister came round, saw our Pup, who we named Harry, and when we said there was one left, we rang Goitre Kennels and she went and got the last Pup, which she named Harvey.

We would recommend Goitre Kennels to anybody

~ Robert and Katherine 

                                  Cocker Spaniel

Hello Goitre Kennels.

We bought a puppy from you in Sep 2011, small liver and white show cocker and we called him Fitzchivalry Farseer George ..  So first thank you so much , he is much loved and a real character. We are hoping to get another puppy ( again a show cocker) next year so I wondered if you could keep us informed if you have any more litters , particularly from the same parents. I will try to e mail you a picture of Fitz , he is so handsome !

Kind regards and thanks 
~ Amanda

Jess yesterday on his first birthday
- Tom (16/11/2013)

I get so many people asking me what breed they are and cooing over them when we go for walks.

Thank you, it was the best £550 I have ever spent.

Hope you are well :)

- Kind regards Julie (24/07/2013)

                                 Cocker Spaniel

Hello Goitre Kennels

Just thought I would send you some pictures of marnie now that she is 6 months old.  She has settled in really well and loves playing with guinness, she is a happy and content little puppy and loved by all in our family and I am so glad I bought her from you. Will post more pictures in 6 months time.  Please respond so as that I know you received them ok

Thank you - Lesley

                             Yorkshire Terrier x Bichon Frise

Hi Peter & Tina, Goitre Kennels

I am so sorry as I promised to send you pics of the pups I bought off you and Tina.
Well Coco and Lola are the best dogs we could have wished for they are truely amazing make me smile everyday.
They both love the beach.
I will post some more when I take the brush from where the sun does not shine. !!

- Dave and Jacqui.


                         Old English Sheepdog        

Ever since I can remember I have wanted an old English Sheep Dog, and finally in December 2012 myself and my partner we in a position to finally get one.

In the beginning of January 2013 we started looking online and after only a few minutes of looking we knew we had found our “daisy”. We started to email Tina who was more than helpful and kept us in constant contact over the next few days and we got more excited as she sent us more photos.  Within only a few days of finding Goitre kennels and our puppy online we were planning the 5 hour road trip to wales to see our girl. After a long drive we arrived at goitre kennels and we welcomed to this family home. The kennels were clean and well presented on an active farm environment, with several family pets roaming the extensive grounds. We were more than excited to be welcomed into there family home to see mum Cassandra and have some cuddles. After this Tina pointed to the field behind the house to  show us dad Boyce who was proudly sitting and watching the farm from the back garden.

Then in came the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen, carried all in arms by Tina’s Husband.  As soon as I saw her I fell in love. The puppy bounding towards me for kisses was my Daisy . I was more than happy with her condition she was well looked after, clean, happy and gorgeous. We decided then she was defiantly our puppy and couldn’t wait to take her home. We discussed in length with Tina  all the food she was on, insurance, puppy packs, kennel club registration and immunisations and most importantly when she would be ready. We drove the long 5 hour trip home to Portsmouth  to basically go straight to pets at home to buy out what felt like the entire shop. She was already one spoilt puppy!

2 weeks later it was time to collect our daisy. Tina and her husband were more than accommodating  as they knew we were driving so far they arranged to meet us pretty much half way which we really appreciated and we meet them just at the service station by the seven bridge. After collecting and going through all her documents and puppy registration again she was ours. We started the long journey home again and our little daisy slept the whole journey home curled up on my husbands lap. We finally got her home and I have never been happier. She has been healthy and happy since. She is a beautiful puppy and has a lovely personality. I could not recommend Goitre kennels enough.

The lovely touch to this story is that Tina  still follows daisy’s  progress  on Facebook.

Thanks for everything
~ Gill, Ian and Daisy

Hope you are both well, just thought you would like to see pearl 1year old today  - love Janice  

                         Old English Sheepdog

Here's a picture of Nia, from today, a walk in the Malvern Hills....she loves it up here.

Anyway...it's her Birthday today...5 months old and...Oh how she has grown. Wow.

We are thinking of bringing her to the Brecons next bank holiday, early May, probably the Saturday. If we do, could we call in and see you all ? I'm sure she'd love to see you both..and her mum and dad ??

- Steve and Fran XX

Hi Tina and Peter, Goitre Kennels
Just thought I would send you a picture of Daisy and Dougal,  they have turned out to be the most lovely dogs, Daisy is the bossy , chewy one and dougal is the follower and has the most lovely temprement.   We wouldn't be without them, but have nicknamed them destruction and devastation!!!!
Someone in John's work was asking where we go them, I've recommended your kennels.


Hello Tina & Peter Goitre Kennels

Bellas doing well and the kids love her. The vets went fine with her health check,and we have the rest of her worming tablets now.


                            Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise

While I am emailing, this is a pic of Maggie, we had her from you in August! She has settled in really well and has a lovely nature.

- Thanks James


                                 Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise

Hi Peter and Tina Goitre Kennels

Thank you for sending through your email address.  We wanted to let you know how Millie is doing (Zuchon born 04Sep11).

She's absolutely gorgeous, and has such a personality, we are either laughing at her or telling each other how gorgeous she is!  Honestly we're besotted!!
We also have 3 Ragdoll cats, all of which are bigger than Millie, she actually manages to get beneath them while they are walking, worked fine when she was smaller, but now she is bigger the cats have to walk on tip-toe while travelling at her speed - they are not amused! But Millie thinks its a wonderful game.  She don't understand when they don't appreciate her rough puppy play though!  We think that she actually think she's a cat!
She loves going for walks, and is a very good girl when she's out, although we walk her pretty much every day and she always see's other dogs, she gets so excited and makes this funny squealing noise with excitement when we come across another dog, which has the opposite effect to what she wants as the other dog owner does not stop and talk as they want to get away from this crazy dog!  
I have a look on your website from time to time, you have some lovely puppies on there

Hope you are keeping well

- John and Tracy - and Millie of course x

                              Yorkshire Terrier x Bichon Frise

Hi Tina & Peter,

hope you have had a nice xmas & the New year is going well, just thought you might like a peek at my adorable bundle playing in the snow. As you can see, not much has changed, he's still a cuddly menace lol



Dylan n Cerys 

Dear Peter & Tina,

I hope you can remember us; we came to fetch the two puppies on 4th December when all that cold weather left your drive like a sheet of ice.

I thought you might like to see how the the puppies are doing.  They started puppy training classes last week and so far they are doing well.  They are growing fast and are just lovely characters.  We called them Dylan and Cerys;  Dylan is a rough, tough little boy, but also a mommies boy and Cerys is a proper lady although when you are not looking she gets into all sorts of mischeivious things, leaving Dylan to take the blame.  they love digging and so we have had to move all our flower pots and they also love going for walks and running around in the garden
we love them to bits and cant remember what it was like not to have them.
we hope you are well and hope to stay in touch to let you see how well they are doing.
- Chris 

                Samoyed x Old English Sheepdog

 JJ's first dog show he came 3rd in waggiest tail and 1st in handsome dog.

- Sheree 

JJ on the beach yesterday bet you never thought a dog bred by yourselves would get so dirty, he hasn't had a good walk if he comes home clean

- Sheree 




I bought a pup off you last September, just thought that I would send some photo's to show what he has grown into!

- Jim


                        Lhasa Apso x Bichon Frise


You won't remember me but we bought Tiggy - a Lhasa Apso/Bichon Frise cross in August of last year from you, and have to say that we are absolutely delighted with her.

I don't know if it will come to fruition, but a friend of a friend (name of Pam but I forget her surname) was so taken with our Tiggy that she wanted to know where we bought her. I gave her your email address.

Best regards


                    Samoyed x Old English Sheepdog 


We thought you may like a couple of photos to see how Ci is getting along. She's already changed quite a bit since we picked her up last week. She's settled in nicely and is very happy with life ha ha.

By the way I'm still hanging on for the photo's of her parents when possible. I am looking forward to be able to do a frame with them all in.

Thanks again

- Paul


                                 Cocker Spaniel       


Just thought I would send you through some updated pictures of Jasper.

He is getting on really well. His teeth are falling out at the moment, but he is starting to stop chewing. He is very good at his ‘Sit, Stay, Come’ training, and he is very good a socialising. All in all, we are very pleased and he is spoilt rotten by the rest of our family…

We will keep in touch…

~ Dominic and Sarah



                     Cavalier King Charles x Cocker Spaniel            

Hi Peter and Tina, we are the ones who braved the weather for the little Cocker cross King Charles, I know it's been a long time, but it did take some time getting home, only joking. I just wanted to 'Thank you' he's amazing, I have just had my Westie ( little boy) put to sleep and Monty (as we have called him) has been just the thing to take up my attention enough to help us all through the pain. I've attached a couple of pics of our hansom boy and we all love him so much. He holds his own and bosses Ruby about, yet he is loving with us as a family and is really loyal to all. I've had westies for about 20years now and never thought that I could find anything that fits us like he does and gives us more.

I hope that you are both well. We may well be back for a Westie...

 Denise, Rich and Eleanor 





                             Shih Tzu           

Hello, I bought a shiz tzu from you around 6 months ago, just thought id show you him now :) Thanks for selling us this great dog :)







                                           Bichon Frise

Hello Tina, Goitre Kennels

I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful my experience was, dealing with Goitre Kennels. 

We were looking for a Female Bichon Frise to join our family in Cheltenham and had several rather lengthy phone calls about our soon to be "Tilly". All I can say is how helpful Tina was and the information she gave me was invaluable and because of this I would recommend this Kennels to anyone and have done.

So if you, like me are looking to buy a new furry friend, then Goitre Kennels would be the place to go and I would not hesitate going back there.

~ Kim, Steve n Tilly x