Goitre kennels Ltd

Terms and Conditions

  1. The vendor shall sell and the purchaser(s) shall purchase the dog more particularly described in the schedule at the price stated in the said Schedule.
  2. It is accepted that the dog is sold as a domestic pet and no warranty is given that the dog is suitable for breeding or dog showing.
  3. The vendor represents at the date hereof that he is not aware of any genetic disorder with the dog but the dog is sold subject to any disorder that may develop.
  4. The purchaser will at their own expense take the dog to a veterinary surgeon within 7 days of the sale for examination and will supply the vendor with a copy of the veterinary surgeon's report should there be any problems on such examination.
  5. The vendor will if the purchasers wish accept the return of the dog following an adverse veterinary surgeon's report and in such event will reimburse the purchaser(s) for the full sale price. If the puppy is returned for any other reason we will refund 30% of the purchase price.
  6. Nothing herein contained shall adversely affect the purchaser(s) right under statute.
  7. The vendor shall be under no obligation to register the dog with the Kennel Club unless registration has been specifically agreed at the time of sale and references thereto is contained in the schedule hereto. Registration WILL NOT be done at a later date.
  8. The purchaser(s) has been advised that within 4 weeks of taking delivery of the dog they take out insurance cover on the dog with a Dog Breeders Insurance Company Ltd or some other similar insurance company against vet fees, third party claims and all consequential losses. The vendor shall not be liable to the purchaser (s) for any risks that could have been covered by insurance.

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