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From: lucinda-griffiths

Hello Peter,

As promised just letting you know how 'Jessie' the female west highland terrier you bought down to me in Worcester is, she is settling in very well. She has a mind of her own!!! and is fearless (even fighting with the vacuum!). She is the most confident puppy I have owned and that is a testament to your care and breeding and Tilly her mum. Thank you so much for delivering her it was very much appreciated, I hope you managed to travel back home with no traffic problems.

P.s. I have covered the pond with strong netting and it appears to be working and keeping both dogs off drinking the water.

Once again thank you

Kind Regards

Lucy Griffiths    19/2/2018

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Peter. I thought I would update you on Willows progress as she's almost six months old now. She weighs 4kg is in excellent health and condition. 
She is absolutely the sweetest natured dog I've ever had. We meet daily with other dogs and their owners and they all love her and want to take her home. 
She is fantastic with children, people and other dogs. Is so quick to learn new things. Her latest 'trick ' is standing on her hind legs asking for a treat. She did that by herself but it works as she always gets her treat. I'm learning as much from her as she learns from me 😀 you can see from the photo that her colouring has lightened quite a bit but she's still gorgeous. 
I just wanted to let you know that she has the best home ever. I feel truly blessed that I have such an amazing dog. Thank you for a truly wonderful lil puppy. 
Have a great day 
Rosie        26/5/2017
Hi Peter
It's Gail and Billy from Liverpool, 
We bought our old English sheepdog puppy Bertie from you about 7 weeks ago. We just wanted to let you know he's doing brilliant he's such a beautiful pup loves people and other dogs he is very friendly especially when he's out and about, he even attended a puppy party at our local groomers getting his first groom where he played with many smaller puppies and was very well behaved!
More importantly as you know we wanted another dog to help comfort and support our 6 yr old border collie who since loosing her last oes companion developed epilepsy through separation anxiety, along came Bertie and within his first week here she had four grand mal siezures as she does every four weeks and he didn't leave her side he barked at her not understanding and when she didn't respond being too poorly he sat right down next to her and put his head over her back and helped her through it, and again in the garden sat right next to her when she was feeling unwell and kept her company, it has now been 6 weeks and she's had no siezures since! 
We can't thank you enough for our lovely Bertie we will keep you updated with pictures as he grows, I will attach some pictures for you of him settling in, in his new life 
Thank you again Gail and Billy 

Dear Peter
I had Duke off you a few weeks ago and just wanted to say he's doing fine and growing well, he's insured, vaccinated, and settled in great with the rest of the family he has the kids firmly wrapped around his little paw.  Just wanted to give you an update and to let you know how thrilled we all are with him.             29/4/2017
Hi Peter
just a quick update the pup has settled in very well and was a big hit with the children they all adore him. They all decided to call him Chief (I'm not impressed)
All his injections flea and worming are all up to date and we can't wait to take him out walking
Thanks again .       RegardsSamantha            20/4/2017
I just wanted to update you on Willows progress. She has settled in really well. Has been to the groomers for shampoo and face trim and was very well behaved. Has had second jab so can go for walks in a couple of days. She's a quick learner and can sit, give a paw, fetch and stay for a little bit. She's very calm and fantastic with the grand children. Not bad for 10 weeks old.
Thank you so much for my beautiful pup. I can't fault any part of the process buying from you.
I have given your number to two people who are looking for a new puppy and would easily recommend you again. 
Thank you for making the process totally stress free. 
Rosie and Willow   17/2/16

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Good morning  Goitre ,

I just waned to thank you for our beautiful little girl Tilly. Tilly is a Yoshon than we got from you back in September 2016 to join our other Yoshon Archie.
Tilly has settled in very well and gets on with Archie wonderfully. She loves the walks and also the cuddling up with us and Archie, think she prefers the snuggles with Archie.
Goitre were wonderful in looking after us when we collected Tilly and are always on hand to ask any questions you may have. Highly recommended.15/2/17


Hi,Just wanted to write and say thank you for allowing us to be the owners of
our precious Bella.
We got her from you almost 10 years ago and since day 1 Bella has been a
wonderful addition to our family.
She is the most friendliest and healthiest dog we could of wished for.
Hopefully we will have her for many more years to come.
Thank you once again

Julie Webster and family. 04/09/2016

Just thought we'd update you on how Stanley has settled in.

After buying Archie from you the end of last year, we always knew we wanted
another pup.
We visited action pets in Cardiff and we saw our Archie playing amazing with
another schnauzer and we instantly knew we needed another.

Since having Stanley, Archie and him have been inseparable, always by each
other sides, and Stanley is literally Archie's shadow.

And they both worship our 8 month old daughter!

So thank you once again, for selling us the most loving, healthy pup.

Alex and Jamie, Cardiff (17/08/2016)

Hello Goitre
Just thought I would drop you a line. We picked up our cocker spaniel Belle from you on fathers day. She is such a lovely puppy and has fitted in straight away to our family.When we took her to the vets they said she was a beautiful puppy and very well bred. As you can imagine she is very spoilt and has the run of the whole house.Thank you so much for selling her to us.
Bryan and Pippa Morgan, Abergavenny. (21.07.2016)

Hope all is well waited a little while before sending pictures. Reggie is 5
months today and has flown through all his checks with the vets saying what
a beautiful puppy he is also attracting loads off attention at any park he
walks in. Thanks for the brilliant service.

Iain & Kim (02/02/2016)

 Hi Goitre

I just wanted to email you and say that almost 14 years ago I bought one of your choccy labs DL 23921 Cho Muffin Man and hes still here and amazing and thank you so much for letting me have and love him

Julie (15/01/2016)

Hi Goitre,

Don't know if you remember us, (we were the farmers from Grosmont Nr. Abergavenny) we had 'Dylis' a Lachon from you October 2014.  Just writing as we saw on your website that Cliff and Karen Rice have had a puppy from you called Tedi.  We met them as they said in Criccieth when they fell in love with our dog, we recommended you to them, we are so pleased they have now got a puppy, will keep recommending you...........Dylis has been renamed Mia as she is such an escape artist, my Grandson says in stands for 'Missing In Action...........''She is such a lovely happy little dog and gets on with everyone and all animals, cats, dogs, sheep, loves the calves and her real love is Merlin a shetland pony.

 Best wishes,

Steve and Carol Brimble (05/01/2016)

Good Morning Goitre,

Just a quick message to say Thanks, and that Josie our new puppy has settled in very well with Jess our three year old Larchon.

I picked Jess up from you last Tuesday and had her vet checked yesterday, All good and very healthy.

Already I can tell that the two dogs will be great company for each other, this being the main reason that I came back to you for a second puppy.

Thanks for all your help once again.

Best Wishes for the future,

Paul Chard. (07/12/2015)

Andy took Tali to the vet's today and all went well. I'd just like to mention that the vet was extremely impressed with her general condition, the obvious high quality care she's received and the information you provided with her.
Andy & Sarah James (14/09/2015)

 Good morning Goitre,

Just wanted to let you know that Harvey has settled in really well. He sleeps in his crate each night, with little to no fuss. He goes to the garden on his own for a pee. We have only had one accident in the house, and that was because the door was closed. He has socialised with lots of other puppies and dogs, where he shows he is the perfect gentleman. He has made fast friends with our youngest cat, they play chase around the garden. The other three cats just ignore him. He has only had one tap on the nose and a growl. So he knows the cat rules! My children adore him, and he them. He loves to sleep on a lap, and adores a cuddle. He really is a spoiled pampered pooch. I will come back to you for another very soon. Thank you so much for such a wonderful boy.

Cami (30/08/2015)

Hi we recently bought a mini schnauzer from you,I would just like to thank you so much for the obvious hard work youput into your breeding. Oscar “ was going to be named rocket “ is a testimony to your family work and welfare ethic.He is such a well rounded and balanced dog and has already settled in like a piece of old furniture.
Im also delighted with the tips that you gave us.So once again thank you so very much.
I would have absolutely no qualms of recommending you to anybody looking to buy a pup.
Ive been around dogs for most of my life but none has ever come as well balanced as Oscar.
Many thanks.

The Poole Family (19/07/2015)

Hi we bought Toto one of your miniature schnauzer pups off you a few weeks back and I just wanted to thank you so much. I have recommended you to everyone who asks where he was from. He is a well behaved puppy with a great personality. He's got all the mischief and play in him we wanted. He's doing so well with create and obedience training. My children adore him and he adores them. Highly recommended.

Thank you again Pocock Family (14/07/2015)

I was just trying to write a testimonial but can't seem to figure
it out so I thought I would just say that Archie my Bichon frise is a
fantastic little fella he settled in ok he is a bit stubborn on his lead ha
ha but getting there. I would also like to say what a knowledgeable breeder
you are and it was a pleasure buying Archie from you. I don't know if you'll
remember me but I came from bristol with a friend.

Kind regards Liam (08/12/2014)

Just a quick update on our little f2 cavashon Joey who we picked up from you in September. He is the loveliest little pup and won all our hearts just on the journey home! After his first trip to the vets, they confirmed he is just perfect!! He also instantly clicked with his big 'brother' Hugo and they can not be separated!!

Thank you (01/11/2014)

I just wanted to say how happy we are with our puppy. He has the nicest personality - very sweet & loving. He's comfortable & happy here and we just love him. He's also very clever! It's been easy training him - he's going outside to do his business, he sits, he walks on his lead & harness, he fetches - what a star! Thanks again for a rewarding experience. 

Best regards, Kevin (30/10/2014)

Hi Goitre
Looks like they were both a hit and have settled in
Once again thank you so very much
~ Jon & Bev Hayes (16/09/2014)

Hi Aunty Tina & Uncle Peter

Just to let you know I'm settling in very well in my new home. I have a lovely furry bed that I slept in. My new mum says I was a good little bean as I didn't cry at all. I went to toilet on all the pads my new mum put down but my new brother Buster was a bit naughty and went on floor! This morning we've been playing in the big garden and chasing toys my new brother cats. That was fun! 

Thank you for letting me go to my new mum. I miss you both.
Love Teddy! xx 

He's been brilliant. Cuddled into Kym all the way home. Was good as gold last night. Been outside for toilet all day. Had a bath didn't wince once. Buster loves him! He is absolutely adorable. But what makes me laugh the most is the way he sits n watches telly!
Thank you so much Tina

~ Gemma xxx (07/09/2014)

Just a quick email to update you about Bronny (Bronwyn). She settled in really quick, gets on well with our other dog and even gets on with the cat. She has grown in a week, only wakes once in the night and is an absolute darling.  Thank you so much, we are thrilled with our new edition. 
Kind regards, 
~ Hannah (07/09/2014)


I just wanted to update you with regards to the puppy I collected from yourselves.
Bailey, the male Bischon x Westie has made our home complete. He is a very playful and characteristic chappie, who provides company and a playmate for my 15 month old male westie; Fergie.
Who says two males don't get on hey?
- Kayleigh (06/06/2014)

Just to update you both, all fine at the vets today for check up :) didn't expect anything other
Thanks again. Freddie is such a character and a typical boy, he really does put a smile on my face and so loving too that he follows me everywhere bless him.
- Best wishes Mandy Layton (30/04/2014)

 Hi both, early days but the little tiger is as content as anything. Full of fun and so mischievious, we love him so much although he had me up at 5 this morning ha ha! He has had lots of visitors too & everyone loves him. So glad I made that special trip it was meant to be. Thank you for all the advice too. Thanks again for my bundle of joy. - Mandy Layton (29/04/2014)

 I have named the pup Norboo,its Tibeten meaning Jewel.He is loving coming to work.What a great dog!!!!

- Jemma (11-04-2014)

Thank you for creating such an amazing dog and help create our little family!!

- Love Hayley and Gareth and Poppy

xx (20-03-2014)

Thank you for help, and giving us the dog we were longing for.

- Shaun (11-03-2014)

Honey & Cracker have their first birthday today!
They are such lovely dogs I love them to bits, spoilt isn't the word - and they know it! Absolutely have my life sometimes..
- Becky (06-03-2014)

Hello. Just to let you know that the little puppy bichon/shitzu we purchased from you in January is thriving. He is a very loving and cheeky pup who we named Bobby. He is very strong and very intelligent and already fully house trained. We love him very much and look forward to seeing him develope and thrive as he has up until now. Thank you so much for such a lovely dog.....

- Regards Helen (February 2014)

Such a happy little pup, excellent behaviour for a pup too.couldn't be more pleased with him.

Many thanks 

- N. Faulds (January 2014)

The yochon puppy (Katie) is happy and well settled. She's a perfect match for us and she loves the attention she gets.

She's very much like Lulu! Loves a tummy rub!
- Charles, Amy and Katie.(2013)

Hello there, remember us?

Buddy and Buster are now 2 years old and a huge part of the family. My other half knows that he would have to go before they ever do ha ha!! I thought I would share a couple of pics of how they turned out. Recently they had their hair cut but they are far cuter with longer locks and lovely curls!

They are beautiful dogs, very spoilt and very happy.

I get so many people asking me what breed they are and cooing over them when we go for walks.

Thank you, it was the best £550 I have ever spent.

Hope you are well :)

- Kind regards 
Julie (24/07/2013)

Daisy is getting on really well and gets on great with Tilly.She loves to go for a walk and is very good on her lead for such a young dog,shes 16 weeks tomorrow and growing fast !!

Hope you're well, send you pics as she grows
- Mandi (November 2013)

Hi Tina and Peter Goitre Kennels,

Primrose has settled in very well,as if shes been here forever, she sussed getting up and down stairs by the next day, Bunty and Blossom have accepted her into the home without a problem and she's doing very well going outside for the loo. Very, very happy with her,her coats already changing to a very silvery colour she looks adorable. Thankyou,hope alls well there.

Best wishes
- Nyree (22/08/2012)

Toulula, got home fine without being sick at all. She was so pleased to meet our retriever then conked out after a little wash. She's such a cutie.
- Alison (August 2012) 

Dear Peter & Tina,

I hope you can remember us; we came to fetch the two puppies on 4th December when all that cold weather left your drive like a sheet of ice.They are growing fast and are just lovely characters.  We called them Dylan and Cerys;  Dylan is a rough, tough little boy, but also a mommies boy and Cerys is a proper lady, they love digging and so we have had to move all our flower pots and they also love going for walks and running around in the garden.

we love them to bits and cant remember what it was like not to have them.

we hope you are well and hope to stay in touch to let you see how well they are doing.

- Chris 

 Good morning Peter & Tina Goitre Kennels,

Max has settled in very well.  He is eating and drinking.  He has been running around playing in the garden.  He has settled well at night.   He loves cuddling up in laps.  He has got a wonderful temperament.

Will Max grow any bigger?  When would you advise we get his hair cut? 

Kind regards
- Roxanne & Andy (15/08/2012)

Hi Peter and Tina Goitre Kennels,

Just had to email to let you know how delighted we are with our puppy. He is so delightful, sweet and well behaved - we couldn't have wished for anything more!

Thank you.

- Amanda and Nick  (12/08/12)


I bought a pup off you last September, just thought that I would send some photo's to show what he has grown into!

- Jim

 Hello Goitre Kennels,

Just wanted you to know that the pups had their vet check today and everything was given the ok. We have named them Woody and Bella.

Thank-you so much
- Cally and Andy (August 2012)

Hello Tina, Goitre Kennels

I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful my experience was, dealing with Goitre Kennels. 

We were looking for a Female Bichon Frise to join our family in Cheltenham and had several rather lengthy phone calls about our soon to be "Tilly". All I can say is how helpful Tina was and the information she gave me was invaluable and because of this I would recommend this Kennels to anyone and have done.

So if you, like me are looking to buy a new furry friend, then Goitre Kennels would be the place to go and I would not hesitate going back there.

~ Kim, Steve n Tilly x

 Hello Goitre Kennels,

I bought our dog Blaine from you not so long ago and now my auntie is looking to buy a "Lachon" from you, I was wondering if you have any boys available?

Many Thanks 
- Kirsty Mills (07/08/2012)

 Hi Peter and Tina, we are the ones who braved the weather for the little Cocker cross King Charles, I know it's been a long time, but it did take some time getting home, only joking. I just wanted to 'Thank you' he's amazing, 

I hope that you are both well. We may well be back for a Westie...

- Denise, Rich and Eleanor x 

 Hello Tina & Peter Goitre Kennels,

We absolutely adore Lexi she is a beautiful and intelligent dog and getting bigger by the day, just taking Lexi out for run on park, she loves meeting other people and dogs, very sociable puppy! im sure she takes after her mother. 
Many thanks
  - Carmel (22/03/2011)

Hi Goitre Kennels,

Just thought I would send you through some updates of Jasper.

He is getting on really well. His teeth are falling out at the moment, but he is starting to stop chewing. He is very good at his ‘Sit, Stay, Come’ training, and he is very good at socialising. All in all, we are very pleased and he is spoilt rotten by the rest of our family…

We will keep in touch…
- Dominic and Sarah (March 2011)

Goitre Kennels

Thank you so much for this adorable little HUGE boy who is lying at my feet. We love him dearly. He is a huge success, puddles and all. We had a much quicker journey home!!! and Wordsworth (that's what we decided eventually) snuggled into me the whole time and never murmured. No sickness nor looseness. He didn't cry at all thro the night. So, once again, many thanks.

- Nicky (24/02/2011)

Hi Goitre Kennels,

We bought a shih tzu from you last year who is an amazing dog! 

Thank you

- Beth (February 2011)

Just a quick update, we bought a pup from you on Sunday 13th Feb, we met in Newtown. She is absolutely beautiful, we have named her Coco, an extremely bright lady, she already sits and gives her paw for a treat.  Chat soon. 

Tracie (23/02/2011)